Sunday, 30 August 2009

Plans for Investing in Africa

Investing in Africa's blog, Great Lake Economics, has been increasing the amount of space it gives to explanation and demonstration of new economic ideas in recent months. A motivation has been to bring these ideas to a wide audience in an accessible way. I think that explanation is likely to be more valuable than opinion for developing the region.

A plan for the site's future is to advance the process further, by bringing together and developing the ideas into a formal taught course, freely available online and focussing on Central African economic matters. There are economic courses already available online, and some economic commentary on Central Africa, but they have not been combined in an introductory course as far as I am aware.

I hope that some readers will find the course useful. If visitors, in or out of Africa, would like to see any other information provided on the site, please use the contact address on the site and your requests will be considered carefully.