Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Burundian ruling party's position on the economy is...

not on their website,, despite elections due this year.

I looked on the site myself, and found very little.  So I used google to search, "économie" and got no links.  Then I tried "économique", and got three links mentioning the economy only in general terms.  There is also almost no discussion of the major concerns of Burundian business, as highlighted on this site last week ("électricité" or "finance"), or tax ("taxe" or "impôt").  There are 15 mentions of holidays ("fête"), however.

To be fair, a website isn't a government.  But the absence of economic discussion does not give the appearance of a government focussed on income generation, which it should be in one of the poorest countries.  And the waste of having the central market in Bujumbura empty for two years, despite reported offers of private sector help, reinforces the appearance.

CNDD-FDD look certain to win the presidential and legislative elections this year.  As they are the only game in town, they should raise their game.

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