Monday, 13 April 2015

Lobbying and independence of Congolese industry

The president of the not-for-profit organisation CCIM/RDC (The DRC's Chamber of Commerce and Crafts) was on the radio the other day.  The interview discussed in broad terms what the CCIM does and plans to do.  Parts of the interview are repeated and extended in writing on the CCIM's partially constructed website.  The president was diplomatic about the CCIM's relations with the government, saying that his organisation's work complements government activity.

The existence of the CCIM, and any other national representative body for Congolese industry, is certainly welcome.  It is constructive to work with the government, but the independence of at least some of such bodies is important.  It is not just that governments may sometimes act in a way contrary to the interest of the country.  Even if a government is perfectly motivated by national interests in some broad sense, their interests will differ from the interests of companies at times, and the resulting tension can be healthy.  A competent and confident business body can best represent the interests of its members.  If these members represent a diversified section of Congolese businesses and industries, their interests in promoting economic growth are close to the national interest too.

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