Friday, 28 August 2015

What is the typical highly innovative company in the DRC?

Innovation seems to be important to growth among DRC companies, but what does a highly innovative company in the DRC look like?  I ran a rough analysis looking at correlations of innovation* with different features of companies using data from 2013.  The typical highly innovative company looks like this:

Origin and size of the firm
  • It was formally registered when it began operations
  • It is part of large firm
  • It has more employees

  • It has a bank account
  • It has an overdraft facility

Composition of the workforce
  • It has a greater percentage of production employees (rather than non-production ones)

  • It has a formal training program

Employment practices
  • It recently hired a married woman
  • It didn't hire another married woman because of her family commitments

*in a wide sense: products or methods, from abroad or domestic, preparation or output.  Innovation was measured as an index from zero to ten.

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