Monday, 23 March 2015

Great Lakes companies with high speed broadband employ it intensively

Corporate owners of high speed broadband have been in the minority among Great Lakes companies.  For example, surveys in Burundi (in 2006 - admittedly, some time ago) and the DRC (in 2010) found that just over a quarter of companies had access to broadband internet on their premises.  What companies did with broadband once they got access to it is a different matter.  It may be that they don't often have it, but once they get it they really use it intensively.

Survey respondents in Burundi and the DRC were asked how they used their broadband: whether they used it for purchasing goods for the company, or delivering services to customers, or for research and development.  The Venn diagram shows how survey respondents responded.  The different circles correspond to the different uses.  From the top circle, we can see that 71 percent of companies did research and development using their broadband, while from the lowest intersection we can see that 13 percent of companies did purchasing and service delivery by broadband, but no R&D.  Only one percent of companies are outside all the circles, meaning they had broadband but didn't do any of these activities.  The middle intersection shows that 44 percent of companies did all three.

So it seems like companies in the region who have broadband employ it intensively.  It doesn't necessarily follow that companies who get broadband will become intensive users.  It might be that companies who incline to intensive employment adopt the technology more than other companies, since they are most likely to benefit from it.

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