Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Rwandan government works hard for further investment

Spot the odd one out:
Mohammed, Mohamed, Omar, Hassan, Muqrin, Paul, Mahmoud.

Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, is in Egypt today for a conference entitled "Egypt the Future".  The conference aims to demonstrate the reforms in the Egyptian economy and investment opportunities in the country.

The majority of the senior representatives are from Middle Eastern and North African countries (the names of some are in the list at the start), or those with historical or other ties.  However, the Rwandan leader and the head of the national development board are attending to show solidarity and for the investment opportunities, according to a quotation in the Rwandan New Times.  There are an impressive number of companies represented, as well as powerful figures from finance and economics.

Kagame has become a controversial figure in Western countries in recent years, with accusations of repressive rule.  Nevertheless, it is hard not to admire the continuing economic focus of his government, some twenty years after he gained power.  As well as benefiting the Rwandan population - and in low income developing nations, non-mining economic development should be the most important thing for a government by far - the strength of the economy probably consolidates his hold on power.

I don't believe the Burundian or DRC governments have high representation at the conference, although the Egyptian government may not have invited them.