Monday, 8 June 2015

North Kivu promotes its investment opportunities

In the last few days, a conference has been held in the DRC city of Goma (French here, English here), promoting investment in North Kivu.  The region was badly hit during the civil war and its aftermath, although the tensions have been lessening in recent years.

The authorities in the region have advised of opportunities in natural resource extraction and tourism.  I imagine that rights for resource extraction will be sold at a discount to their potential value, so that investors could recover their value quite quickly without having to commit long-term to the region.  As an investment, tourism development in the region seems to be a halfway house between resource extraction and other industries.  On one hand, tourism uses the existing resources of North Kivu, with its mountain gorillas, volcanoes, and Virunga National Park.  On the other hand, a commitment of funds for construction and training over the long term seems to be required.

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